Reception: A reception will be held during the evening of Tuesday, October 24, 2017 at Massachusetts General Hospital. Delegates will have an opportunity to visit the Ether Dome.

Conference: Scientific sessions preceded by guest lectures will be held from Wednesday-Friday, October 25-27, 2017. There will be concurrent sessions with full audio-visual support. All presentations will be made in English. Breakfast, coffee breaks, and lunch are included in the registration fee. Also included will be the above mentioned reception, a dinner cruise on Wednesday October 25, and banquet on Thursday October 26. The conference will end at 5pm on Friday October 27.
For a complete program listing (suitable for posting) click here: ISHA 2017 Program.
Meeting Rooms at The Westin - Copley Place: Meeting Rooms Map.
Speaker Biographies: ISHA 2017 Invited Speaker Biographies.

Boston Harbor Cruise: Delegates are invited to a dinner cruise of Boston harbor aboard the vessel Odyssey, during the evening of Wednesday October 25. A sit-down, elegant dinner-cruise with dance and music will be included with the registration.

Drama and Banquet: Delegates will be invited to attend a reception and banquet on Thursday October 26. Prior to dinner, a local drama group will perform a dramatization of Ether Day.

History Tour: Optional tours will be offered to delegates on Saturday October 28. Sites will include Ether Monument in Boston Public Garden, Francis A. Countway Library (Hinckley's painting, among other artifacts), Mount Auburn Cemetery, and Morton homes in Wellesley and Charlton.

Updated Program Details: Invited lectures, special sessions, abstract presentations, moderators, and social events.

Tuesday October 24, 2017

12:00-16:00 ISHA Information Desk Main Entrance [Street Level] Westin Copley Place Hotel

16:00-21:00 Welcome Reception-and Dinner at Massachusetts General Hospital [Ether Dome]

16:00 Buses depart from main entrance [street level] of Westin Copley Place Hotel

16:30-19:00 Reception

16:30-17:15 Non-members of Anesthesia History Association - Ether Dome Tour

[Susan Vassallo and Sukumar Desai]

17:30-18:30 Members of Anesthesia History Association - Ether Dome tour

[Susan Vassallo and Sukumar Desai] and Annual Business Meeting

19:00-20:30 Buffet Dinner

20:30 Board buses

21:00 Return to Westin Copley Place Hotel

Wednesday October 25, 2017

8:00-9:00 Registration and Breakfast

General Session - Essex South

9:00-9:15 Welcome and Introductory Remarks Sukumar Desai and Manisha Desai

9:15-9:45 Invited Speaker - Professor Robert Allison [Introduction by Sukumar Desai]

            "Boston and a History of Innovation"

9:45-10:15 Patrick Sim Lecture by Professor George Bause [Introduction by David Wilkinson]

            "Gas Masks": Concealing Nitrous Oxide as "Gas, Air, or Vapor"

10:15-11:15    Museology Session 1 Moderator Christine Ball

10:15-11:15     Museuming: Things Museums Should Be Doing
Monica Cronin - Geoffrey Kaye Museum

10:45-11:15    The Draeger company archives: Collecting, preserving, and researching remarkable Draeger items, photographs, and saving them for later generations
Thomas Peyne - Draeger Collections

11:15-11:30     Coffee Break

11:30-13:00    Four Concurrent Sessions

Session 2 - Moderator John Crowhurst - St. George A

•  Development of a web based computer teaching module using eponyms and the 'Who am I' method to learn anesthesia history - Anthony Kovac

•  A forgotten contribution to early anaesthesia literature - Michael Cooper

•  Nixon and Scheel in China - Acupuncture and anesthesia in West and East Germany in the 1970s and 1980s - Wilfried Witte

Session 3 - Moderator Mark Schroeder - St. George B

•  More than 1000 operations under anesthesia were performed in Japan in the early and mid 19th century - Amane Konishi

•  A focus on surgical life in Boston - Jacques Hotton

•  Overseas foundation recipients of the FFARCS, with special reference to Dr F W (Bobby) Roberts - Tony Wildsmith

Session 4 - Moderator David Wilkinson - St. George C-D

•  Polio and PITS and Grillograms (A tale of tracheal resections) - Analee Milner

•  Genesis of the Australian and New Zealand College of Intensive Care Medicine - Barry Baker

•  When breath becomes air: A vital transformation - John Demenkoff

Session 5 - Moderator Lori Dangler - Essex South

•  Geoffrey Kaye as friend: Analysis of Kaye's advice to Noel Gillespie - David Waisel

•  Delivery of anoxic gas mixtures in anesthesia case report and review of the struggle towards safer standards of care - Mark Pauling

•  Townley's chloroform inhaler - Peter Featherstone

13:00-14:00 Lunch 

Afternoon Sessions

14:00-16:00 Three Concurrent Sessions

Session 6 -- Moderator George Bause  - St. George A

•    The British Medical Association and an initial Anaesthesia Committee - David Wilkinson

•    "I thought I must have expired": Experiences of surgery pre-anaesthesia - Rebecca Lush

•    Primary sources and the tracheostomy legend about Alexander the Great - Ronald Trubuhovich

•    A misunderstanding concerning Florence Nightingale and Critical Care Medicine - Ronald Trubuhovich

Session 7 -- Moderator Douglas Bacon  - St. George B

•    Intramuscular ether: A French specialty in the early 1900s - Jacques Hotton

•    Kathleen Byers Lindsey (1916-2012): A pioneer in anesthesiology, and the first female board certified anesthesiologist in the South - James B Mayfield

•    Invention of anesthesia: Why was it developed in the mid 19th century? - Kentaro Dote

•    Contributions of Arab and Islamic medicine in the field of anesthesia - M Ihsan Kaadan

Session 8 -- Moderator Melissa Coleman  - St. George C-D

•    Was tuberculosis spread by inhalation anesthesia? - Alistair McKenzie

•    An apprentice in Norwich - Joseph Clover and the highly controversial Dr Edward Lubbock - Christine Ball

•    The beginning and developmental steps of modern anesthesiology in China - Li Sheng Zhang

•    From no anesthesiologist to qualified anesthesiologists: The most devastating earthquake in 60 years in Nepal - Navindra Raj Bista

Evening Program

17:00 Buses Depart from the main entrance [street level] of Westin Copley Place Hotel for Dinner and Cruise aboard the Odyssey [60 Rowes Wharf, Boston]

18:00 Boarding the Odyssey, Welcome with Champagne

18:00-19:30 Cocktails and Reception

19:30-20:00 Music and Dancing

20:00-21:30 Fine Dining

21:30-22:00 Music and Dancing

22:00 Disembark and board buses

22:30 Return to Westin Copley Place Hotel

Thursday October 26, 2017

8:00-9:00 Registration and Breakfast 

General Session - Essex South

9:00-9:15 Meeting Updates Sukumar Desai and Manisha Desai

9:15-9:45 Invited Speaker -  Professor Scott Podolsky [Introduction by Douglas Bacon]

9:45-10:15 C. Ronald Stephens Resident Essay Competition Winner Lecture by Jane Moon  [Introduction by Bradley Smith]

10:15-11:15 Museology Session 9 Moderator Christine Ball

10:15-10:45    Japanese Museum of Anesthesiology - Eiichi Inada

10:45-11:15    Crawford W. Long Museum - Vicki Starnes

11:15-11:30 Coffee Break

11:30-13:00    Four Concurrent Sessions

Session 10 - Moderator Alistair McKenzie  - St. George A

•    The history of the endotracheal tube, from concept to modern design - David Waisel

•    The British Medical Association and its Second Anaesthesia Committee - David Wilkinson

•    Where are all the women? Exploring the seemingly invisible history of women in anaesthesia - Monica Cronin

Session 11 - Moderator Michael Cooper  - St. George B

•    John Lundy, Ralph Waters, and a Kansas pharmacologist - James Jacob

•    The legacy of anesthesia 'events' at Pearl Harbor 7th December, 1941 - John Anthony Crowhurst

•    Was mafeisan used as an anesthetic in ancient China? - Peishan Zhao

Session 12 - Moderator Anthony Kovac  - St. George C-D

•    Ross Holland and the Special Committee Investigating Deaths Under Anaesthesia (SCIDUA) - Barry Baker

•    A pioneer anaesthetist of Ghent: Dr Raoul Proot (1917-2002) - Bruno de Turck

•    Anesthesia at Base Hospital No. 5 - Ramon Martin

Session 13 - Moderator Tony Wildsmith - Essex South

•    Historical perspectives on Total Intravenous Anaesthesia (TIVA) - Chong Chin Ted

•    Closed circuit anesthesia:Development over a 100 year period - Jan Hofland

•    Hua-tuo truly is Chinese, not Persian, and not imaginary - Li Sheng Zhang

13:00-14:00 Lunch 

Afternoon Sessions

14:00-16:00 Three Concurrent Sessions

Session 14 -- Moderator Peter Featherstone  - St. George A

•    The third appearance of an Anaesthetic Committee within the British Medical Association - David Wilkinson

•    Medical care in the French army during the battle of Verdun: February 21 to December 18, 1916 - Dominique Simon

•    Historical administration of anesthesia to bears: Descriptions from an antique private medical library - Jacques Hotton

•    Integration of a collection of anesthesia devices in the daily life of clinical anesthesia - Volker Edwin Scharf

Session 15 -- Moderator Mark Schroeder  - St. George B

•    Another view: The private collector - Bruno de Turck

•    American influences on the development of anaesthesiology in the Federal Republic of Germany between 1949 and 1960 - Heike Petermann

•    Early inhalational obstetric anaesthesia in Ireland - John Loughrey

•    Bees, puff-balls, and Richardson - Lori Dangler

Session 16 -- Moderator William McNiece  - St. George C-D

•    Anaesthetists and intensivists who defied the cold war - Alistair McKenzie

•    The exhibitions of the industrial revolution and their impact on anesthesia - Christine Ball

•    The Mushin museum renovation project: Cardiff university student collaboration - Danielle Huckle

•    Surgical challenges aboard hospital ships in the Pacific during WWII - David Waisel

Evening Program 

17:30-18:45    Cocktails and Reception 

19:00-22:00    Play and Banquet 

19:00-19:15    Welcome remarks, Sukumar Desai and Manisha Desai

19:15-20:15    Drama - An enactment of Ether Day - Weston High School Drama Club

20:15-20:25    Announcement of the 2018 Anesthesia History Association Meeting - Brian Harrington

20:25-20:30    Announcement of the 2018 History of Anaesthesia Society Meeting - Alistair McKenzie

20:30-22:00    Formal Dinner

Friday October 27, 2017

8:00-9:00 Registration and Breakfast

9:00-9:15 Meeting Updates Sukumar Desai and Manisha Desai

General Session - Essex South

9:15-9:45 Invited Speaker - Professor David Jones [Introduction by David Waisel]

            India's First Heart Transplant - February 1968: Debates about Appropriate Patients and Technology

9:45-11:15 Museology Session 17 Moderator Christine Ball

9:45-10:15 The Anaesthesia Heritage Centre - Sarah Dixon Smith -

10:15-10:45 Audio-video archiving at the Wood Library-Museum - Franklin Scamman

10:45 to 11:15 Public engagement and the Mushin museum - Danielle Huckle 

11:15-11:30 Coffee Break

11:30-13:00 Four Concurrent Sessions

Session 18- Moderator Analee Milner  - St. George A

•    Trying to determine the value of nitrous oxide in the late 1860s and early 1870s in London - David Wilkinson

•    Nitrous oxide anaesthesia according to the Paul Bert method - Dominique Simon

•    An anesthesiologist in the space race: The career of Dr Cloid D Green - Melissa Coleman

Session 19- Moderator Raymond Roy  - St. George B

•    Two "de Hemptinne" inhalers - Bruno de Turck

•    Fumigation in the history of resuscitation - Ronald Trubuhovich

•    The King's operation: The pneumonectomy of King George VI in 1951 - Ross Kerridge

Session 20- Moderator John Crowhurst  - St. George C-D

•    Development of anaesthesia in Northern Isles of Scotland - Duncan Mitchell

•    Surgeons who contributed to anesthesiology in Nagoya - Naosuke Sugai

•    Anesthetic and medical care at US Army Field Hospitals of the 92nd and 93rd Divisions during World War I - Ramon Martin

Session 21- Moderator Amy Woods - Essex South

•    The ephemeral erythroidines (neuromuscular blockers) - Alistair McKenzie

•    A prospective assessment of history of anesthesia in Japan - Hirosato Kikuchi

•    The history and development of anaesthesia in Papua New Guinea - Michael Cooper

13:00-14:30 Lunch

13:45-14:15                ISHA 2021 Bidding [by invitation only]

Afternoon Sessions

14:30-16:00 Four Concurrent Sessions

Session 22 -- Moderator Ramon Martin  - St. George A

•    Haycraft's discovery of hirudin and other early work on anticoagulansts- Alistair McKenzie        

•    Oxygen versus phlogiston: A confrontation between Priestley and Lavoisier - Dominique Simon

•    Physiological and pharmaceutical knowledge in "Ninja" society: Suggestions for modern anesthesiologists and intensivists - Tomonori Takazawa

Session 23 -- Moderator Martin Giesecke  - St. George B

•    A background to anesthesiology in China - John Anthony Crowhurst

•    Identification and disclosure of adverse effects of drugs: Halothane - Lisa Huang

•   Early attempts a transfusion of blood - Ideas, goals, and results - Hoang Yen Nguyen

Session 24 - Moderator David Waisel  - St. George C-D

•   Origins of anesthesia monitoring guidelines at the American Society of Anesthesiologists - Aniket Pandya

•   Development of anesthesia and intensive care as a specialty in Trinidad and Tabago - Deryk Chen

•   Visual assessment considerations prior to the Mallampati score: A brief history - Vijay Mohan

Session 25--Moderator Brian Harrington - Essex South

•   A wondrous corpus sold in Paris in 2015 - Jacques Hotton

•   Experimentation as a stimulus for scientific revolution - Robert Dorfman

•   Jame sRoger Bullard and invention of the Bullard scope:The first rigid indirect fiberoptic laryngoscope for airway management during anesthesia - Semyon Fishkin

16:00-16:15 Coffee Break

Main Room - Essex South

16:15-16:45               Role of the Armed Forces in the development of the specialty of anesthesia in the Netherlands - Johan S. Poll

16:45-16:50               Announcement of ISHA 2021 Venue - Christine Ball

16:50-17:00               Concluding remarks and farewell - Sukumar Desai and Manisha Desai

Thank you and Bon Voyage

Optional History Tours on Saturday October 28, 2017

7:00-12:00     AM Tour

7:00                Bus leaves Westin Copley Place Hotel

7:15-8:00       Ether Monument    [Rafael Ortega and John Fox][Light Breakfast in Boston Public Garden]

8:30-10:00     Mount Auburn Cemetery   [William Camann and Andrew Miller]

10:30-10:45   Children's Hospital of Boston       [Mark Rockoff]

11:00-11:30   Francis A. Countway Library        [Ramon Martin and Sukumar Desai]

11:55-12:00   Bus drop-off and pickup[for afternoon tour] at Westin Copley Place Hotel

12:00-18:30   PM Tour

12:30-13:30   Lunch at Desai residence, 126 Kings Grant Road, Weston

14:00-14:30   Wellesley Town Hall [Etherton Cottage]-Manisha Desai

14:30-15:30   Travel to Charlton

15:30-16:00   Morton's Birthplace [Morton Home I]-Mary Camosse

16:05-16:15   Morton Plaque, Charlton Center

16:30-17:00   Waters Morton Home [Morton Home II]-Mary Camosse

17:15-17:30   Red Barn and Militia Field - Mary Camosse

17:30-18:30   Bus returns to Westin Copley Place Hotel